New Way Space Models

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Home History Photos from the archives
I started building rockets in 1974.  The following pictures were taken around
the 4th of July holiday in 1976 (as if the curtains weren't enough of a clue). 
I'd say that's an impressive collection for only 18 months, wouldn't you?


















































Apparently, that EAC (Estes Aerospace Club) shirt was one of my favorites. 
This next group of photos are from the summer of '77 - but I'm still wearing that shirt!

















 This is me with my good friend, Kenny Windhorst, ready for launch (July 78).
(Kenny introduced me to the hobby in '74, it doesn't seem like 35 years ago!)














1978 was also the first year I entered the 4-H Rocket Club and went all the way to the State Fair.






























Here's another shot of the ever-growing rocket fleet - this from summer 1979.















Aren't those a little close to the house?   Nope. 
















How many of these kits do you recognize?